Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Gets Major Editing Enhancements

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Gets Major Editing Enhancements

In June 2022, Adobe released sizable updates to its Creative Cloud applications Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop. For Lightroom, this update brings video editing capabilities, while Photoshop now has new usability and editing enhancements for its web version and workflow simplification powered by AI and machine learning. Lastly, cross-device workflows across the desktop, web, and mobile versions of Photoshop and Lightroom are now streamlined for a better user experience. Read on below as we dive into the details of these new additions and how creatives can put them to use. 



The latest version of Lightroom now lets users edit and trim video clips via the same presets and editing sliders for image editing. This functionality is available in the application’s desktop and mobile versions. Moreover, a new set of ‘Adaptive Presets’ powered by AI has been added that allows for applying various effects to certain areas of a photo. Users can also adjust the intensity of a chosen preset, which significantly improves the tool’s functionality. This feature is available for editing videos as well. 

These presets are built on the same AI tech that underpins the Select Subject and Select Sky masking tools. Apart from letting users apply the effect only to distinct parts of a photo, they also offer choices that make a subject ‘pop’ or the sky look more dynamic. Speaking of these masking tools, the newest update now lets users copy and paste Select Subject and Select Sky masks when batch editing in Adobe Camera Raw and all desktop versions of Lightroom. The application automatically reconfigures the masks for every selected image without the need to manually add a new mask. Last, inverting mask groups is now possible across all versions of Lightroom save for the web version. 

A new tool available to users is the Auto Red Eye Removal tool found in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom for desktop. Using this tool, Lightroom leverages AI to detect and remove the ‘red eye’ effect caused by the camera flash and saves users from doing so manually. 



Adobe has further expanded on Neural Filters, which, as Adobe describes it, are one of the most popular AI-powered tools in Photoshop. These tools simplify complex workflows to easy-to-use solutions for editing and manipulating images. According to the company, over four million users have applied more than 300 million Neural Filters to their creative works. 

The latest Photo Restoration Neural Filter brings a nifty feature that restores old or damaged photos to life by identifying and removing minor imperfections like scratches in seconds. Additionally, Photoshop on the web is getting new and easy-to-use editing features such as Smart Objects conversion, Dodge and Burn, Refine Edge, and Curves. Other notable updates for the web version include mobile browser access for quick reviews and commenting, onboarding and learning content for new users, and miscellaneous performance and UX enhancements. 



Adobe continues to bring a myriad of new features and benefits to its software offerings and, consequently, greater value to its customers. With these new features in the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom, users can further unleash their creativity and find new ways to achieve their design goals. If your brand could use the creative potential of Adobe’s suite of applications, consider getting your license via outsourced IT services in Singapore.

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