Is your network prepared to withstand a cyber-attack?

It doesn’t take long for your business’s network to have gigabytes of sensitive data moving across it and being stored in potentially vulnerable locations. As the world continues to move in a more decentralised direction, the amount of that data will increase exponentially. While this will streamline many of your processes, it will also leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. That is why strengthening your business’s digital security is one of the most essential steps you can take for long-term success.

With JK Tech’s IT security services in Singapore, you will get the experience, understanding, and tools you need to locate and repair vulnerabilities. We will assist you in discovering threats that are in progress – and stop them before any major damage is done. We offer end-to-end solutions for your business’s network security.

Always be on guard. Minimise risk and guarantee your future reputation with us today.

Managed Security Services

JK Tech makes managing your business’s IT infrastructure easier than ever. Rather than hire an in-house department, you can take advantage of our 24/7 support as we provide the highest quality monitoring and incident response in the industry.

Our team of certified, experienced technicians will take care of every aspect of your network’s security. They will do it with the help of the latest security software, so you are ever-prepared for cyber-attacks before they happen.

Never worry about your network’s security again. Keep your business running smoothly with JK Tech.

Cloud Security

JK Tech empowers you to take full advantage of the cloud while minimising any attendant vulnerabilities and risks. We’ll help you maintain a transparent, streamlined, and secure operation at all times.

JK Tech’s Cloud Security technicians will use the latest advances in cloud security technology (from firms like Cisco, Sangfor, Check Point, and Palo Alto) to develop solutions that are tailored to your business’s needs.

Eliminate threats earlier. Minimise security blind spots. And keep the cloud working for you.

Data Centre Security

A data centre is only as good as its security. Poor data centre security will leave your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other threats. That’s why having a system that provides maximum visibility and consistent monitoring is essential for keeping your data safe and your business running.

JK Tech uses the latest technology to give you a better picture of your network – and the ability to meet threats head-on.

Strengthen your data centre’s security and block malicious attacks.

Network Security

Without a strong network security system in place, your data will be vulnerable to a wide variety of potentially devastating threats. That’s why you need a layered defence system that will manage access to your network and use effective security policies to keep every inch of your IT infrastructure safe and running smoothly.

Our team of professional, certified technicians use the latest, enterprise-grade hardware and software, developed by the experts. With our network security solutions, you can enjoy two-factor authentication, first-class intrusion prevention, impenetrable firewalls, and more.

Enjoy comprehensive network monitoring, detect threats before they cause problems, and increase your business’s IT efficiency with JK Tech.

Endpoint Security

When your employees conduct business on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other endpoint devices, sensitive data can be compromised. It is vital that your business’s network security strategy keeps endpoint security in mind.

Our team of technicians has years of experience developing endpoint security solutions that work. They can implement the tactics you need to pinpoint potential threats and stop them in their tracks.

After performing an endpoint audit on your business, we’ll use the latest solutions developed by the experts at Cisco, Citrix, and Sophos to prepare you for airtight security – no matter where your employees are accessing data outside of your business.

Prevent, discover, and remediate cyber-attacks and other threats on all your business’s endpoint devices.

Privilege Access Management

A hacker with a privileged user account can do irreparable damage to your business and its reputation. Not only will one of these accounts give them access to reams of sensitive data, it will also allow them to tap into the critical systems that keep your business running.

Our team of certified technicians in Singapore can help you develop a privileged access management plan that works. When you implement our solutions, you’ll minimise the risk of privileged accounts being hacked.

Manage every aspect of your privileged user accounts from a single location, including usernames, passwords, devices, and more. You’ll even be able to monitor and audit the activity on user accounts across multiple sessions.

Ensure your privileged user accounts remain tightly controlled and impenetrable to hackers with JK Tech.

Managed Infrastructure Auditing

IT audits can go a long way toward discovering threats before a major data breach hits. That’s why we offer the latest infrastructure auditing technology to give you a better look at your network. Our system uses the most advanced technology, empowering you to monitor network activity, control network changes and access, and more.

Our team of expert technicians will implement a comprehensive IT audit platform for your business that will allow you to audit a wide array of systems, including Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows Server, and many more. Our system will even allow you to monitor privileged user activity via screen recording.

Closely monitor and protect your IT system with JK Tech today.

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