IT Maintenance

Have IT Managed inexpensively just as well with our managed IT Service.

Providing Top-Tier IT Support 24/7

The digital economy has changed everything. Businesses have been forced to adapt. But they can’t just make an alteration or two and expect smooth sailing. As technology advances, the complexity of IT infrastructure and networks will grow too. And those changes demand that businesses and organisations keep up.

With JK Tech managed IT services, you get free up valuable resources so you can focus on building your business. We can take care of a variety of IT needs, including developing and maintaining infrastructure, implementing comprehensive security measures, helping with data management, and more.

By outsourcing IT to our experienced teams, you can have top-tier IT support and maintenance at an affordable price.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike at any moment. A single power outage, hardware failure, or other natural disaster could leave your business crippled and struggling to get back to normal.

JK Tech disaster recovery services will help your business get back to work faster than ever. With our services in place, all of your important data will be backed-up and stored where it can be accessed quickly and easily. And we don’t just back-up some of your data. We’ll protect it all – whether it’s found in one of our databases, on an app, or on one of your virtual machines.

We take advantage of the latest technology from industry leaders to keep your data and workloads safe and secure. Eliminate uncertainty about the state of your business data with JK Tech’s disaster recovery services.

Service Desk

When you choose JK Tech, you’ll have an experienced team of IT specialists monitoring your system 24/7. And if problems arise, they’ll go to work to get things back up and running. It’s the simplest and easiest way to ensure your business stays online at all times.

And if you ever have a question for our team, simply call our service desk. You can find a professional It technicians to answer your questions any time, night or day.

Discover what it’s like for your business to have a personal IT service desk available at all times with JK Tech.

IT Infrastructure

In today’s always-connected world, robust and reliable IT infrastructure are business necessities. And the best way to boost efficiency and lower operational costs is with a system that works for you.

Whether your business uses the latest cloud technology, a regional data centre, or an on-site network, JK Tech can monitor and optimise your IT infrastructure. Our team of IT professionals will help you build the foundation you need to grow and streamline your business.


Your network is the heartbeat of your company. With JK Tech managing it, you’ll have the access, capacity, and security you need to feel good about its health. Our team of IT professionals will provide you with around-the-clock network monitoring and management, ensuring your network is always running at full capacity. And our team will constantly be on the lookout for any potential problems so we can pinpoint and eliminate them before they cause chaos.

JK Tech offers first-in-class network management using the latest technology and expertise from Cisco and Palo Alto Networks.


When you tap into the cloud, you boost efficiency, reduce costs, take advantage of next-level security features, and more. But trying to do it all on your own will cost resources you can’t afford to waste.

Fortunately, you can get the myriad of benefits that come from hyper-scale cloud infrastructure without breaking your budget. With us, you’ll have access to cloud-based IT that doesn’t just work better – it’s monitored and supported 24/7 by our team of IT professionals. Never have to worry about it going down or becoming susceptible to cyber-attacks.


If you have sensitive data on your network, quality security is a must. That is why JK Tech offers fully managed security services that are designed to secure your infrastructure and protect it from threats 24 hours a day.

Our team of IT professionals have the technical know-how and skills needed to provide end-to-end security solutions, including advisory, protection, and monitoring services. And they can provide those services for e-mail, endpoints, IT infrastructure, and any networks you may have.

Taken advantage of enterprise-level security protocols without the cost of an on-site team.

Apple Business Manager

Take full advantage of Apple’s ecosystem and leverage it to build your business. JK Tech is an Authorised Enterprise Reseller of Apple, providing Apple’s hardware and software. Not limiting to subscription based services, project management, application development, and AppleCare support.

We are certified Apple experts that will empower your team and get work done efficiently. Our expertise covers procurement, build, implementation, management and support services for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and macOS (Mac desktops and notebooks).

Imagine a user-friendly to secure your Apple devices at a scale without the need of manual configuration. Monitor and protect them using JK Tech’s Apple Device Enrolment Programme.