Device-as-a-Service: What Every Business Needs To Know


In this disrupted and fast-paced working environment, reliance on technology has become much more prominent, with many companies seeking unified collaboration tools and communications platforms to conduct business in today’s working landscape dominated by remote work. As such, being technologically competitive takes high priority to maintain one’s foothold in the industry and stay at pace with the business’s ever-moving goals. But since technology progresses incredibly quickly, how can companies keep up with their hardware needs without making a big dent in their budget? Device-as-a-Service is the answer to that issue, and we shall go over what it is and how business leaders can benefit from it.


Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) Explained

Device-as-a-Service is a modern-day device management model for end-user business devices. It functions similarly to Software-as-a-Service solutions and other subscription-based devices wherein an organisation pays a monthly fee in exchange for a comprehensive computing solution package comprised of devices, related accessories, support, analytics, and high-end security.

The DaaS model serves as a cost-effective and flexible solution by enabling businesses to scale their devices up or down whenever necessary and update to the latest hardware quickly without adding on to or disrupting day-to-day operations. Moreover, DaaS helps reduce an organisation’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on their hardware and mobile devices, all while ensuring their workforce gets the hardware they need to do work, increasing IT infrastructure security, and offering productivity boosts and time savings.


Core Benefits of Device-as-a-Service

Greater productivity

DaaS makes it much simpler to manage devices across their lifecycles, including procuring, managing, IT maintenance, and support. This simplification allows organisations to shift their focus to driving business productivity instead of ensuring support for all their devices.


Eliminates end-of-life (EOL) challenges

Hardware vendors generally announce EOL for their hardware or software products depending on various reasons, such as changes in the marketplace or newer technologies. This prompts companies to re-evaluate their IT infrastructure and key components like business-critical applications, potentially generating numerous points of failure that could jeopardise their bottom line. DaaS prevents this by shifting the responsibility and costs of secure device disposal from the organisation to its provider.


Increases flexibility

Traditional IT infrastructures do not offer the same flexibility as DaaS, with the latter model allowing companies to procure or release devices whenever the need arises. In addition, DaaS can also potentially improve the employees’ productivity and working experience by promoting multiple device models and configurations that best suit their needs.


Lesser TCO of the hardware life cycle

DaaS can potentially reduce TCO by bundling software, hardware, and lifecycle services in one package and shifting the costs from capital to operational expenditures. CFOs understand and know exactly what to expect regarding cost, thanks to the subscription-based pricing of the whole hardware lifecycle. As a result, businesses can achieve greater efficiency during budget and hardware refreshes.



With digitalisation being necessary for SMEs and every other small-scale business, Device-as-a-Service helps all organisations get quick and easy access to the devices they need to remain competitive in these times where being up-to-date can make or break business success. 

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