Device as a Service

Monthly Subscription

All Microsoft Office softwares you need in one computer.

Do more with less.

Free up internal resources.
Align expenses with revenue.
Untether cash flow.

IT lifecycle.

Let JK work closely to plan which solutions will be deployed across your company’s technology footprint.

Ensure employee productivity

 Retain your talents by giving them the most updated technology to empower them to perform the best. All hardware, software, and support services are together in a package.

Operate your business with security

With Office 365, your business data is secure. Get the full protection and security of your information. All sensitive data is protected 24/7 using the latest Microsoft security services.

Outsource services & support

Let our Microsoft experts scale and maximise your business. Potential problems and questions can be sent directly to us for full support.

Modern Billing

Replace large upfront capital and operate your business with flexibility flexible financing options. Make payment based on monthly subscription that reduces upfront investment and maximise your business's cash flow.

What customers are saying about DaaS

IT Data Migration

say their device costs have decreased after enrolling in DaaS

IT Data Migration

say IT is less burdened than owning their own hardware, software, and services

IT Data Migration

say DaaS will be “very impactful” to “profoundly transformational” to their business

Get support wherever & whenever it’s needed.

Keep employees connected, supported, & productive from any location.

Avoid costly downtime for your business.

Resolve security concerns - onsite and remotely.

Work anywhere and everywhere.

Discover Device as a Service (DaaS) model with JK that combines hardware, software, security, and management into one predictable monthly subscription fee. Learn how JK DaaS can reduce your company’s total cost of ownership and how it compares to traditional procurement models. 

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