IT Rental

IT rental solutions and technical services for a diverse range of events for all industries.

Get the computer equipment you'll need, for any event you're going to hold in Singapore.

Whether you're setting up a small booth or filling up an entire convention hall, IT equipment is necessary when planning for any event nowadays.

We at JK Tech offer tailored and professional IT equipment rental services for your event's requirements. We offer a wide variety of desktop and laptop rental options, as well as rental options for other types of IT equipment.

No event is too small or big for a cost-effective rental plan.

laptops, computers

Laptops, Computers

Mobile devices may have surged in popularity, but the full-fledged desktop computer is (along with the laptop) the preferred IT tool of a professional. We at JK Tech offer top quality desktops and laptops for rent, usable for a wide variety of purposes.



The more powerful older sibling of smartphones, tablets and their large touchscreens are useful for many things, whether it be picking items from a menu, or scrolling through a colourful online brochure.

mobile phones

Mobile Phones

Although your staff and attendees are likely to have their own mobile phones already, renting out brand-new phones are still extremely useful for a wide variety of events. They can be pre-loaded with apps and files that would be too much of a hassle for someone to download into their personal phone, and you can give them out to attendees to keep track of them and their location.

monitors, tv, displays

Monitors, Televisions

Monitors and television sets are extremely useful in demonstrating and explaining things to your attendees without requiring a physical attendant to be on-location. You can also have it show pretty pictures while your attendees wander about. Your choice!

printers, scanners

Printers, Scanners

If you want to print your own flyers, brochures, pamphlets, or posters on the spot, then renting out our printers is your best option. Similarly, if you wish to scan things for your event (like when you're holding an art competition and wish to record the work created), then we can help you rent out scanners for that purpose and more!

audio visuals

Audio Visuals

Your event would be a lot more boring if you couldn't play visuals and music! Luckily, we can lend out the most top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment to help you make an impression on your attendees (and even those not attending). Whether it be live-streaming an exciting competition, or making an inspiring speech to a large audience, we'll supply the equipment to make it possible!



No matter the device used to connect to it, servers are the backbone of any network you can think of. These computing towers use their sheer computing prowess to receive, process, and send out data to hundreds or thousands of different devices at once. If you want to set up an entire computer network just for the event, then we can lend you our top-of-the-line servers to make it happen!

wi-fi, telecom, telecommunications

Wi-Fi, Telecom

These days, most IT devices rely on a good network connection to be used to their fullest potential. Thus, to use them to their full potential, good network infrastructure needs to be available for them to tap into. JK Tech can lend you the network infrastructure (e.g. modems, routers, transceivers) to ensure that devices in your event location get the best signal they can get in Singapore!

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