IT Asset Disposition

An efficient IT asset disposition (ITAD) process is important for the safe and secure disposal of end-of-life IT equipment. Recycling and repurposing viable equipment lessens the environmental impact and completes the IT life cycle.

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

ITAD Processes

IT asset disposition refers to the process of recycling, repairing, repurposing and the disposal of unviable IT equipment.

Addressing E-waste

Companies can rapidly go through IT equipment which, if disposed incorrectly, can end up as electronic waste in landfills.

ITAD processes are concerned with the safe and responsible recycling of such equipment to avoid harmful environmental impact.


ITAD programs can ensure complete data destruction or erasure to avoid data breaches and security issues.

Our Services


Not all IT equipment is beyond repair and extending the life of these devices can lessen the environmental impact of e-waste.

JK Technology repairs and refurbishes viable IT equipment to be re-circulated and avoid wasteful disposal.


When IT equipment is beyond repair, it's important to dispose of it in a compliant and responsible manner to protect the environment.

JK Technology is NEA licensed to provide the safe recycling of end-of-life electronic equipment.

Data Deletion

Proper and compliant data deletion methods are necessary to avoid data breaches.

We offer the utmost secure processes to safely remove data off of IT devices.


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