IT Products

Shape your business right for future growth. Purchase IT products which are sourced from global partners and world’s leading vendors.

1. End-user Computing

JK Tech offers a comprehensive range of IT equipment, which will enable your business with IT solutions tailored to your requirements. This includes:

  • Notebooks & Laptops
  • Desktop
  • Tablets
  • Workstations
  • Computer peripherals and consumables

Our end-user computing vendors include:

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2. Network Solutions

Threat management is vital to protect your performance's network and security. Get expert advice with the best network solution from JK Tech. This includes:

  • Network Servers
  • Network Security
  • Tablets
  • Switches
  • Network accessories

Our network solution partners include:

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3. Audio Visual

No matter the requirement's complexity, access to JK Tech's expert advice with range of products and solutions that cater to your business needs. This includes:

  • Video conferencing systems
  • Coherence and speaker phones
  • Projectors
  • Monitors
  • AV accessories

Our audio visual vendors include:

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4. Product Life Cycle Managment

JK Tech's product life-cycle management (PLM) provides you a detailed and transparent visual guide for all the typical stages any of your IT product will go through. This will be accompanied by checklists to ensure your business is increasing opportunities, and reducing errors and waste.

  • Improve your business reliability and efficiency
  • Reduce prototyping costs
  • Improve ability to better manage seasonal fluctuation management
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve forecasting to reduce expenses