A Deep Dive Into The Latest Features Of Adobe Elements 2022

A Deep Dive Into The Latest Features Of Adobe Elements 2022

Adobe recently released the new and improved 2022 versions of their Elements family of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. Adobe’s Elements lineup is essentially pared-down versions of their regular Photoshop and Premiere software for those not in the loop. They contain many powerful features in the latter but provide a more straightforward interface and a more accessible way to edit photos and videos, perfect for beginners and hobbyists.

Another critical difference between the Elements product lineup is that users can purchase a perpetual license, unlike the main products, which can only be accessed by subscribing to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service. The 2022 versions come with a handful of new ‘smart’ features made possible by Adobe Sensei, its photography-smart AI that enables users to bring their creations to life in several different and exciting ways. Read on as we explore all the latest features and additions in the new Adobe Elements 2022 family of products.


Photoshop Elements 2022 


AI-powered art effects

For Photoshop, users can now instantly turn any photo into an artwork in just one click. The resulting artistic effect takes inspiration from popular art styles and famous works powered by Adobe Sensei. Users can choose to apply this effect on an entire image or only on certain parts of it. 


Extend photo backgrounds

Making the perfect landscape banner for social media posts is now made easy thanks to the magic of Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill technology. This feature allows users to seamlessly extend a photo’s background to create stunning landscapes or reposition the subject for a better look. 


Animated images

Users can create fun and engaging animated frames that breathe life into their still images by adding a few moving overlays like sparkles or snowflakes. These enhanced images can then be saved into an mp4 format and shared online as looping videos.


Warp photos to fit any shape

With the improved warp tool, photos can automatically fit into or around another object. For instance, they can be placed inside the sunglasses frames as a reflection or wrapped around as a design for a coffee mug, allowing for limitless and fun dual-photo creations.


Guided Edits for pet pics

Photoshop Elements now makes it easier to make pets look their best in pictures. The Guided Edits feature has been improved in the 2022 version and walks users through the many ways to improve pet pics like adjusting colour and lighting, fixing pet-eye, and removing collars and leashes in a few steps.


Premiere Elements 2022 


Aspect-ratio templates for social media 

Editing and exporting videos fit for social media posting is now made simple thanks to templates for the most common aspect-ratios used on the web today. Moreover, users may also add mattes, motion titles, and backgrounds designed for non-horizontal videos.


Auto-reframe subjects 

This feature works in conjunction with the previous one by resizing videos to fit social media platforms better while keeping the most essential elements in the frame. Adobe recommends this for clips with plenty of movement or high-speed action.


Animated overlays 

Like the one in Photoshop Elements, users can now add a bit more flair to their videos and create a whole new look for them using overlays of various animations like encircling hearts, flitting butterflies, and many more. 


Quick adjustments for shadows and highlights

Revealing details hidden behind even the darkest or brightest parts of a video is now fuss-free and shows more with every scene. 


Simplified video compression

Tweaking with settings to compress videos is made a whole lot simpler with an intuitive slider that allows for reducing the size of videos for quick uploads to the web, social media sites, text messages, and more. 



The introduction of Photoshop and Premiere Elements is undoubtedly a welcome option for beginner users looking to learn their way around Adobe’s robust suite of creative programs. And in today’s age where social media reigns supreme, these content-creation focused features are a plus for regular users and businesses alike looking to improve the quality of their content instantly.

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