How Microsoft 365 Solves Common Remote Work Challenges

The pandemic has made most businesses transition from operating inside an office to a more remote setup, mainly because they want to limit everyone's outdoor exposure and social interactions, and partly due to the government's mandate.

Remote work operations can be challenging for both the employer and the employees accustomed to an in-office setup, because there are many caveats to the work-from-home setup. However, Microsoft 365 contains a plethora of features designed to minimise the differences between working in an office and from home.

Read on to discover all the different ways Microsoft 365 can help narrow the gap between remote work and office work.


What is Microsoft 365?

In essence, Microsoft 365 is a cloud service that is designed to help you be more productive. We all use Microsoft productivity apps such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and so on. But when you open up any of these programs on a computer, there is no guarantee that you’ll be using the latest iteration of these products. But if you have Microsoft 365, you're always guaranteed to have the most up-to-date version of these apps.

Apart from that, the service also allows you to manage these apps across different devices and gives you the ability to install them at will. It also features a OneDrive cloud storage with a storage capacity of 1TB and top-notch security to ensure that all of your files and documents are safe from prying eyes. 


How does it benefit remote working?

Microsoft 365 comes with features that can act as solutions to some of the challenges that businesses often face when switching to remote operations, particularly by:


1. Keeping communication accessible

When working remotely, it can be hard to keep track of other’s progress. Hence, Constant communication is highly encouraged when working from home, and integrating Microsoft 365 definitely allows for this. When your teams and their members are able to communicate with one another easily, they can work more effectively, and Microsoft 365 can help by making instant messaging and video software like Teams more accessible.


2. Making information accessible

Another reason businesses operate in the office is because it's easier to give employees access to all the information and resources they would need. This is also why remote working can be seen as a challenge – it can be hard to bridge the gap between distant employees. However, Microsoft 365 can make it possible by ensuring that everyone in the cloud has access to every asset they need to get work done – work emails, documents, and the productivity tools installed in their office computer.


3. Promoting security

Security is also another concern why businesses are apprehensive about shifting to a work-from-home basis – making essential documents and information accessible to your remote employees can feel risky. But that isn't the case when you have Microsoft 365 because it has built-in security features that ensure that whatever files and tools you make accessible to your employees are limited to them only.


4. Encouraging collaborative work

Just because everyone is working remotely doesn't mean collaborative work will be a lengthy process. When your business has Microsoft 365, you get to have access to different tools and applications that can make the distance between employees feel minimal. Microsoft 365 gives employees access to OneDrive and SharePoint for a more secure and real-time sharing of file links. It also allows two (or more) employees to simultaneously work on the same document by using Office Suite, and so much more.



Transitioning from operating inside an office to a more remote setup is indeed challenging because there are many changes to things that you and your employees are accustomed to. But using Microsoft 365 can help make the transition process a smoother one. You can even boost your productivity with a Microsoft Surface.

To start taking advantage of its features, get in touch with us today at JK Tech. We can help your business integrate Microsoft 365 into established computer systems. Alongside that, we also offer a variety of other IT services in Singapore, including computer rental services, IT security services, and more.