Built for education, affordability, and inclusivity

Windows 11 SE

Help unlock the full potential of every student with tools to learn, collaborate, and create, all in a secure and trusted environment.

Windows 11 SE for education is built for teachers who need a simple, distraction-free environment for their students and for school IT admins who need devices that are secure, easy to deploy and manage.

A simplified and secure experience for students, where student privacy is prioritised. With a curated allow list of applications maintained by Microsoft, Windows SE is designed to only run essential education apps.

The affordable cloud-first operating system is optimised to deliver great education experiences catered to the specific needs of K-8 education.

Use Windows 11 SE in your classroom to encourage collaboration and save money on data storage space.

Designed for education

Windows SE runs on web-first devices that use only the essential education apps.

Utilise the digital learning tools with better access to learning materials and support for learning processes.

Security and privacy

Create a safe and engaging digital learning environment that meets privacy standards.

  • Secure digital access to your school
  • Safeguard sensitive student data
  • Respond to and manage risk
  • Controlled app installation

Optimised performance

Created with educator feedback, Windows 11 SEs key features facilitate a distraction-free learning experience.

  • Simplified user interface
  • Use Snap Assist to adjust screenspace
  • Backup your data through OneDrive
  • Improved accessibility via voice-to-text, live captions and touchscreens

Key Features

  • Online and offline productivity backed up by the cloud
  • Improved accessibility with touchscreen, live captions, Focus, and voice typing
  • Cloud-first device management supported by Intune and Azure Active Directory
  • Cloud-managed, only through Intune for Education
  • Simplified user experience (UX), with the versatility of Windows, tuned for education
  • Foreground application boost
  • Access a wide range of device options starting at $249 USD