Our Business

IT Life Cycle Management Services

We deploy, support, maintain your IT assets through the entire duration of its useful life. We then assist you with the refresh to the newer models to ensure that you keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Comprehensive Range of IT Products and Services

We supply and sell a broad range of IT products which are sourced from authorised distributors of the different IT vendors, comprising computer hardware and software products. Apart from computer hardware and software products, we also supply computer peripherals and consumables so as to serve as a single source of IT products for our customers.

We have authorised reseller certifications from reputable IT vendors with whom we have established working relationships.

System Integration and Services

Our systems integration and services business focuses on providing IT solutions to SMEs which have gradually recognised the importance of using IT systems to improve their business productivity, as well as the need to develop an e-business strategy in the Internet age. Our systems integration and services business includes the following:

System Integration

We specialise in providing systems integration services to organisations that require a new networking system, or an upgrade or expansion of their existing networking system. This involves the design and implementation of telecommunication and/or data communication networks to enable an organisation to communicate electronically within the organisation or with another organisation in the same country or worldwide.

Upon the full implementation of a systems integration project, we may continue to provide the other services such as maintenance and support and networking hardware and software upgrades to our clients from time to time at a fee to be mutually agreed upon according to the workload and time required to carry out such work.

Maintenance Services

The maintenance services that we offer to our clients cover both remote and on-site maintenance. We offer maintenance services to our clients for whom we have completed systems integration projects, as well as our customers who procured their IT products from us. To cater to the different needs of our customers, we generally offer two (2) schemes of maintenance services, namely JKCall Maintenance and JKCare Maintenance.

Hosting Services

To complement our existing suite of IT services provided to our clients, we also offer network server, web and e-mail hosting services.

Network Infrastructure Consultancy

Consulting Services

  • Desktop Refresh and Management
  • On-premise or Cloud
  • Security Strategies
  • Conference Room Setup
  • Camera and Door Access


Microsoft Active Directory sign-ons, Microsoft Exchange on Prem solutions, Acronis Storage, VMware Virtualization

Hybrid Cloud

You decided what you want to keep on-premise or move to Cloud. You can then switche between your private and public clouds as and when your business requires it.


We will assess and propose the best path for your to move to Cloud. A proof of concept will be provided for you. After that the application and data migration will commence followed by fine-tuning.

Managed Services

Leave it to us to manage your IT infrastructure and cloud-based applications and services while you focus on your day-to-day business operations.

Being a full ICT solutions provider, we provide an integrated Managed Services which will optimises IT operations in the following:

  • Infrastructure
  • Network & Security Operations Application Management
  • Printing Services Cloud Operations

Network Security

We provide 24-hour network monitoring services to keep your to keep your networks safe, secure and all systems performing smoothly.

We will keep a lookout for possible network threats to security, malfunction, failure or any unforeseen circumstances. Any potential threats will be curtailed. Detailed analysis and reports which we will review with you on a periodic basis.

Leasing of IT Equipment

Keeping up with the fast-paced IT environment has always been a challenge for every organization, especially when it comes to cost. At JKCare, we fully understand your business by providing only the best and maximum choices to address your business’ constantly changing requirements. We maintain a wide range of IT products, equipment and solutions which are available to our customers for rental on either short-term or a long-term basis.

We offer a comprehensive range of creative leases to help you pay for the the equipment you use on an instalment basis thereby preserving your cash for your core businesses.

Your One Stop IT Rental Shop

Wide selection of world renowned brands of IT equipment, peripherals and solutions

Whether you lease or rent computer equipment, we carry full range of desktops, laptops, servers, workstations etc. for conference and trade show equipment, as well as the software solutions for customised training.

Excellent Technical Support

To speed up the response and to meet the dynamic requirements and conditions, our well trained technicians can help you decide on the right equipment. They can assess your needs and the kind of users who will be working on the project to suggest a solution to fit perfectly well in your specific needs and schedule.

Comprehensive Solutions Delivered with Great Service

You can rent IT equipment by the day, week or month. Our rental agreements are customizable to your needs and are extremely customer friendly. We also offer equipment delivery, installation and take down services. All deliveries are made with quick response times and in a timely manner. Our customer support and technical teams are qualified and trained to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Device As A Service

We offer a full range of services and support together with your IT equipment and devices. The total package can be crafted into a service package.