Power Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT)

Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows gives your entire organisation complete remote management capabilities. The technology allows IT to control devices remotely and securely over the cloud, both inside and outside the firewall. It grant access to devices that are outside the company firewall or have a non-responsive operating system over the cloud.

Enhance Remote Manageability

Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows includes functionality for discovering, repairing, and protecting networked computer assets remotely. In a number of business and IT-related situations, Intel AMT handle a widely distributed workforce by reducing maintenance and administrative cost

All-powerful Remote Control

Intel® Active Management Technology is a hardware-based out-of-band connection solution that works independently of the operating system, enabling for repairs to a wider range of system faults even while the operating system is offline. On non-responsive systems that will not operate or start, repair faulty drivers, application software, or the OS, or utilise KVM (Keyboard, video, mouse) to monitor OS updates or boot to the system BIOS.

Connect Easily with Intel® EMA

Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) software provides secure remote connection to Intel vPro platform-enabled devices via known networks (LAN or known WLAN, wired or wireless) by giving IT the ability to remotely and securely manage devices.

The Key Reasons to Choose Intel® by the World's IT Managers


Before the epidemic, 33% of office employees in the world worked from home on a regular basis. The percentage has risen to 88%.


For 81% of IT managers voted, security is a top concern.


For 75% of IT managers polled, productivity is a major concern.

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