Top 5 Laptop Brands To Rent For Business Purposes This 2024

Top 5 Laptop Brands To Rent For Business Purposes This 2024

2024 has finally arrived, and for many people, the new year is a perfect opportunity to start something fresh, such as getting a new job or building a business. Whether you are planning to start a new career or establish an enterprise, you will need a high-quality laptop to help you get things done. Shopping for a laptop can sometimes be a challenge since new models are released annually from more than a dozen major manufacturers.

When purchasing a laptop or availing a laptop rental in Singapore for work or business, it is important that you consider the brand because some companies are more reputable for producing better products than others. With so many laptop companies that have sprung up over recent years, it is quite easy to get confused with your choice. To help you, read on as this article lists five of the best laptop brands you should buy or rent for business purposes in 2024.


1. Apple

Apple is among the most popular electronics companies in the world. The products manufactured by Apple have already become synonymous with excellent build quality, and the corporation itself is recognised for its incredible customer service and support. Ever since 2020, Apple’s MacBooks have become one of the most power-efficient and functional laptops on the market, as the company began generating its own ARM-based processors.

Another advantage of the MacBooks produced by Apple is their easy integration with the other products in the brand’s ecosystem, thereby enabling different features, such as Airdrop, Continuity Camera, and Handoff. This makes MacBooks a convenient choice for office use. Among the best models of Apple MacBooks that you should consider using in your work or business are the MacBook Pro 14, MacBook Pro 16, MacBook Air 13, and MacBook Air 15.



ASUS has been in the electronics industry for more than three decades already. Since its foundation in 1989, the company has significantly grown to become one of the biggest laptop manufacturers in the world today. Specifically, ASUS is now among the most popular gaming laptop brands and often sponsors esports events. It produces a wide array of laptops ideal for various applications, such as gaming laptops, mobile workstations, Chromebooks, and ultraportables.

To improve its products, ASUS usually experiments with new features and form factors like touchpads with an integrated number pad, a customisable dial, and dual-screen laptops. Currently, the best ASUS laptop you can use for work or business is the ZenBook 14 Flip OLED. It is a 2-in-1 ultraportable that comes with an amazing OLED display and is available with Intel 13th Generation P-Series CPUs that have enough speed to carry out general productivity tasks and demanding workloads, such as programming and photo editing.


3. Dell

Dell is an American company that manufactures laptops, desktops, monitors, workstations, and a great variety of computer peripherals. Established in 1984, Dell has managed to become one of the biggest laptop manufacturers in the world, with its well-known products, such as Latitude, Inspiron, XPS, and Precision. In 2006, Dell even acquired Alienware, which is already considered one of the best gaming laptop models on the market today.

Many high-end laptops produced by Dell, like the Alienware, XPS, and Precision models, usually come with unique designs that make them stand out among other laptop brands. They also generally provide an exceptional user experience. If you are looking for a laptop that is convenient and able to deliver general productivity, such as text processing, video playback, spreadsheets, and web browsing, the Dell XPS 13 Plus is what you should consider purchasing or renting. It is a sleek ultraportable that is built excellently and easy to carry around.


4. HP

Like Dell, HP is an American company considered one of the world's oldest tech corporations. Since its inception in 1939, HP has already manufactured a wide array of products, including calculators, scanners, digital cameras, printers, desktops, and laptops. Currently, it is one of the top three manufacturers of laptops in market share. The lineup of HP laptops you should consider is diverse and includes well-known models, such as Spectre, ENVY, Pavilion, ZBook, Victus, OMEN, and EliteBook.

Aside from the aforementioned models, HP also produces numerous Chromebooks, which offer both premium and budget-friendly models like Chromebook 14 and Dragonfly Pro Chromebook. For work or business purposes, it is highly recommended that you consider using the HP Spectre x 360 14 model, which is a high-powered 2-in-1 convertible ideal for general productivity tasks, such as text processing, spreadsheets, and web browsing. It is also known for having excellent battery life at about 13 hours of light use.


5. Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese electronics company considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of laptops in the world today. Its current laptop lineup is vast and diverse and includes famous models, such as Legion, IdeaPad, ThinkBook, and Yoga. The company usually spearheads new technology and experiments with more distinct features and form factors like laptops with dual screens or e-ink displays on their lids.

Whether you are searching for a reliable mobile workstation or an affordable Chromebook, the laptops produced by Lenovo are usually among the best value models you can experience. One of the best Lenovo laptops you should take into consideration is the Slim Pro 7 14, which is a cheap 14-inch mobile workstation that is designed for simple office use. It is built sturdily and delivers an amazing user experience with its large touchpad, tactile keyboard, and sharp display.



There are now so many brands of laptops on the market. With a wide range of choices, it is very easy to get confused and end up buying or renting a laptop model that does not quite meet your needs. To make sure that your chosen laptop will help you get your job done or achieve your business objectives, choose a model from reputable brands only, such as Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. These brands have already proven themselves to be quite reliable when it comes to manufacturing high-powered and efficient laptops that come at reasonable prices.

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