The Microsoft Surface: Seamless Productivity At The Office

The Surface is a touch-screen-based series of computers developed by Microsoft. Since its first iteration entered the market in 2012, the line has grown into a large slate of 2-in-1 tablet computers. The Surface line became popular since many of its devices can convert from laptop mode to tablet mode on the go. 

The latest iteration, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, was launched in October 2021. It features thin bezels and an even thinner profile, akin to the likes of the Apple iPad, and comes with a detachable keyboard. Not only that, it comes with full stylus support as well. Powered by 11th generation Intel i7 processors, this has proven to be one of the most powerful and lightweight 2-in-1 devices available.

If your company is still in the midst of its WFH (Work-from-Home) arrangements, you should consider bringing your office home by getting a Microsoft Surface. But if it’s not the case, here are several reasons why the Microsoft Surface is just as perfect for the typical workplace environment.


1. Compact and portable for the busiest of people

The Surface is the ideal machine if you want to work on the go, all while still remaining connected to the tools you need at work to be functional. Its touch screen feature lets you work seamlessly with a swipe or using your stylus — even as you're standing up for a presentation, or moving in between offices.

Once you have the chance to sit down, you can snap the device back on the detachable keyboard and continue work without having to transfer from one device to the other.

The Surface features a minimal-bezel design ("bezel" referring to the border surrounding the screen), which maximises the 2880 x 1920 13-inch touch display area. This gives you plenty of space for multi-tasking if you have a considerable workload, and is great for when you need to use it for large conference calls.


2. Connects your office more closely

For office teams that are digital natives, equipping each person with their own Surface device can allow teams focused on one project to work together seamlessly. Thanks to the Microsoft Windows software pre-loaded into the machine, those Word docs, Excel files, and Teams group chats are ready to go. 

Sharing files is also not a problem with the Surface's connectivity features. Plug in up two USB-C thumb drives to the ports. The Surface is also capable of full Bluetooth and W-Fi connectivity, like most devices nowadays.


3. Powerful processor to handle heavy workloads

The Surface isn't just for show. Most 2-in-1 devices compromise the portability of their tablet with processing power. However, this is not the case for the Surface Pro 8. With the 11th generation Intel i7 ("Tiger Lake") under the hood, its base power is on par with that of gaming PCs and professional-level desktops. No compromises here.

With 16 gigabytes of RAM, the Surface is a great everyday working machine. Working on heavy spreadsheets will no longer hit any snags, and there is minimal lag even with multiple hands on the project. This is ideal for offices with teams that focus on graphic design, finance and accounting, law, architecture, and more. 



The Surface is a solid choice for any team working digitally. For startups and companies in Singapore, IT equipment leasing is within reach. Get the Surface or any device perfect for your team through us here at JK Tech.