The Importance Of Cloud Migration For Small Enterprises

The Importance Of Cloud Migration For Small Enterprises

Cloud computing has seen an uptick in popularity since the COVID-19 Pandemic, with the demand for remote work solutions with many businesses of varying scale and industry migrating from on-premise infrastructure to public cloud servers offered by third-party providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. 

However, with the complexity of this emerging yet viable trend, the benefits of cloud migration are less visible to many. Coupled with apprehension towards uploading and sharing critical data over a public cloud server due to security concerns such moves might raise, many smaller enterprises stay on the fence about whether or not to move towards cloud-based work solutions.

Below are some of the benefits migrating to the cloud can bring you and your business to ensure greater productivity and growth, and in turn, the benefits of outsourced IT support services in Singapore.


Lower business costs

With many cloud service providers charging per usage and providing your business with remote usage of their infrastructure, they also come staffed with their own in-house professionals, such as cloud engineers, to maintain, upgrade and provide support to end users.

What this does for your business is that you get to save on a sizable portion of your business expenses, such as the reduced need for as many in-house IT professionals to maintain and service data centres. By migrating your on-premise data to the cloud, you may discover neat savings to be extracted from the pay-as-you-use model many service providers adopt.


Greater efficiency

Saving and sending out documents from one team to another can take up time that could be spent on other, more productive tasks. Cloud usage enables multiple people to process and edit the same documents simultaneously, a much more efficient way to get work done than passing the same document around.

Many cloud service providers, such as Azure, also provide automated software updates to company operating systems, meaning less downtime experienced during work hours waiting for these updates to be completed. This allows your business to stay on top of threats and continually free of software bugs and glitches waiting to be patched.


More robust data security

With cloud migration comes many boons to data security. Unlike many small enterprises that may lack the expertise and funds, cloud service providers are much more likely to afford to invest resources into developing more robust security arrangements to ensure a watertight defence. 

By not having to look for new security threats and loopholes in your data security system, cloud migration takes the hassle out of ensuring that your business’ data is protected by allowing experienced, dedicated vendors to handle that aspect. 

Centralising data into the cloud also poses greater chances of data and disaster recovery and makes it easier to locate and recover crucial files and software.



While businesses must adopt new technologies and stay poised to grow more efficiently and productively, taking steps to do so can be confusing and complex.

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