How Logitech Helps To Provide The Ideal Work-From-Home Setup

How Logitech Helps To Provide The Ideal Work-From-Home Setup

Most workers are adopting new working methods in the business world as we move from an office-centric model to a hybrid workplace model. Thousands of employees now routinely receive tech support from IT, even though they cannot see or handle the technology and equipment directly. Employees are also trying their best to get used to going back and forth between the office and their home environment, which might not be ideal for working.

For most employees, working from home means participating in meetings using their headsets or webcams - regardless of whether they are optimised for business use. Some even rely on their laptop’s built-in webcams and audio systems to participate in video conferencing. Relying on your laptop’s built-in systems could be a problem as the capabilities could be subpar compared to professional equipment.

Logitech offers the right equipment for hybrid workers that can help recreate the in-person experience most people miss while working from home.

Purpose-built headsets and webcams for employees

The Zone Wireless Plus Headset by Logitech is designed for focus, with a built-in noise-cancelling mic and active noise cancellation, which helps reduce ambient noise so that employees can discuss matters via conference calls without disruptions. As part of the essential collection for flex workers, the headset provides ease for remote workers as it connects to computers and smartphones simultaneously and can switch between them seamlessly. 

Logitech also offers the C925e Business Webcam, ideal for enhanced virtual collaboration from any desktop. The webcam offers full 1080p high-definition video at 30 frames per second, providing the utmost clarity and quality regarding video conference meetings.

Wireless mouse and keyboards

Logitech provides an array of wireless mouse and keyboards that can be used as a part of your work-from-home setup. For example, the MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Mobile Mouse is highly equipped and portable. The mouse is designed for comfort, tracking and performance – in the office or home. The MX Master 3 mouse might be more suitable for those who prefer a full-size mouse, fit for a larger hand.

When it comes to keyboards, the MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated keyboard is built for creation. Coders or creators can benefit from this keyboard which provides stability, comfort, and precision from the comfort of your home. The keyboard also provides reduced noise with Perfect Stoke Keys, ideal for a work-from-home situation where you might want to keep your volume down in consideration of your family members.


Transitioning from an office to a more remote setup might bring about many challenges – especially regarding having the proper IT equipment. However, Logitech strives to empower people to do their best regardless of where they are stationed to work. Additionally, any IT consultancy in Singapore would agree that standardising productivity equipment used across an organisation would help simplify support when problems occur by allowing IT personnel to identify the issue quickly.

Here at JK Tech, we can provide you with the appropriate work-from-home solutions provided by Logitech to ensure that you have the proper hybrid working setup. Furthermore, we offer various IT services, such as outsourced IT support in Singapore, computer rental services, and more.