How ASUS Devices Maximise Cloud Technology In Education

How ASUS Devices Maximise Cloud Technology In Education

In recent years, cloud technology has become increasingly significant in the education sector, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic created a need for virtual classrooms. Today, with the aid of the cloud, students worldwide can continue learning their lessons via remote setup. Because cloud-based technologies provide students with instant access to content, there is no longer any limit to when and where learning can happen.

The cloud has given students a platform where they can attend virtual classes, access learning materials, and collaborate on projects in real time while enhancing student-teacher interaction. As such, an increasing number of schools and education centres are now adopting outsourced IT support services in Singapore that specifically deliver excellent cloud services. As more and more schools shift to the cloud, they will need a reliable cloud solutions provider to enable a seamless transition.

Read on to find out how cloud technology can benefit the education sector and how ASUS can help educational institutions transition to the cloud seamlessly.


How Cloud Technology Brings Innovation to Education

The user-friendly and unique interface of the cloud enables students and teachers to enjoy the learning process efficiently but thoroughly. There are many ways in which the use of cloud in schools can bring innovation to the education sector. Here are some examples:


  • Convenience

With cloud technology, students can access the most recent content, course materials, and applications. They essentially have control over what, where, and how to learn their lessons. Moreover, with the cloud, students and teachers alike no longer need to face the challenges of access and communication. Not only will this save time, but it will also add to the overall productivity of classrooms.


  • Competency

Cloud for education covers numerous schools, colleges, and universities. It is a highly competitive technology since it effectively manages low and peak seasons. It reduces the workload on teachers and administrative staff and enables assignments and worksheets to be uploaded smoothly, even in the face of heavy submissions. Simply put, the cloud is competent enough to adjust and adapt based on the scale of work required.


  •  Secure data storage

Every educational institution has private and exclusive content and learning resources that it seeks to protect from outsiders. Therefore, the highest priority of these institutions should be to secure their data. Fortunately, most cloud-based education technologies use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure the protection of their data. Furthermore, cloud applications are highly secured through passwords. This makes data sharing between teachers and students easy and safe.


  • Improved learning ecosystem

Cloud technology creates a unique ecosystem where everything that can be found in a classroom is turned into a virtual reality. It expands students' learning scope by providing them with access to online learning resources. Furthermore, the cloud allows schools to hire skilled educators on contract, thereby saving costs while strengthening the faculty at the same time. Engaging in virtual classrooms is also quite convenient for both students and teachers.


  • Improved learning experience

According to research studies, children can learn more effectively with new tools and visual experiences. It is a good thing that the applications of the cloud in education are as diverse as the learning resources themselves. Cloud technology basically allows educators to experiment and introduce new and improved learning methods. As learning becomes more interactive and interesting with the cloud, students are also able to grasp lessons faster.


How ASUS Cloud-Based Devices Can Help

ASUS has several devices compatible with cloud-based learning and designed to work smoothly with cloud services and third-party applications, such as the latest Microsoft Teams features and Google Workspace. These cloud-based devices are ready to use straight out of the box with Autopilot for Windows laptops and zero-touch enrollment for Chromebooks. When deploying cloud-based devices for students in a school, an easy and hassle-free device setup can make such a huge difference.

Even better news is that these ASUS devices, specifically the Chromebooks, are exclusively made for learners. Each Chromebook is designed with student-centric features and comes with all that is needed to provide a delightful learning experience at all levels. For instance, an ASUS Chromebook commonly comes with a protective chassis that can withstand the rigours of daily use and with LTE and WiFi 6 for high-speed connectivity.

The affordability of these Chromebooks also makes it possible for educational institutions to shift into a one-student-per-device approach. This will not only allow schools to personalise learning for every student, but it will also engender a sense of equality in the classroom since students can have equal access to the technology and the learning resources they need.

For educational institutions, on the other hand, one of the best things about ASUS cloud-based devices is that they can be controlled and managed remotely to ensure that the use of a device is consistent with the IT policies of the school. For example, IT administrators can monitor how students use their computers at home to ensure they are not accessing illicit content. ASUS also has extensive cloud-based management tools to help schools monitor servers and clouds to ensure data privacy and security.


Recommended ASUS Devices for Cloud-Based Learning


  • ASUS CR1100 Chromebook Education-Series Laptops

These laptops are available in an 11.6-inch clamshell form and a convertible design that flips into an 11.6-inch multi-touch tablet. They are durable and compact so that students can readily use them. It is also easy for IT administrations to service their modular design with captive screws to enhance servicing efficiency and minimise downtime. More importantly, they come with seamless cloud integration that lets the students easily access almost anything from any device.


  • ASUS Chromebook Detachable CZI Education Laptop

This laptop is equipped with safety features, such as a shockproof cover, an intertwined rubber trim, and a sturdy 3D-textured finish. It comes with a full-size keyboard with a key travel of around 1.5 mm, an adjustable free-angle stand cover, and an ErgoLift design to facilitate flexibility, productivity, and comfort. Just like ASUS CR1, Chromebook Detachable CZ1 features a smooth cloud integration that provides students with unlimited access to learning resources and opens them to an entirely new world of freedom.


  • ASUS-Ready Nodes for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft and ASUS have combined their expertise to make validate Azure Stack HCI solutions on ASUS servers, which can deliver unprecedented performance, rapid scalability, and high availability. These solutions will empower educational institutions and other organisations to maximise hybrid cloud capabilities through a hyper-converged infrastructure platform that integrates software-defined computer, networking, and storage. With simple and centralised management through the built-in Windows Admin Center, consolidating and controlling any HCI deployment becomes easy.



In a world that has embraced digitisation in almost every sphere, cloud technology will soon be the new normal in all industries, including the education sector. Indeed, gone are the days when students needed to engage in old and orthodox means of learning. With the adoption of the latest technologies, such as the cloud, educational institutions can make learning easier and more interesting for students who must be equipped with the innovations of the modern day. Luckily, tech giants like ASUS are here to help schools transition to the cloud seamlessly.

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