Gmail For Business: New Features To Enhance Your Workflow

Gmail For Business: New Features To Enhance Your Workflow

Google Workspace recently rolled out a new feature called integrated view for Gmail back in February this year and will become the standard this upcoming June. This feature offers easy access to Google’s suite of tools and apps that lets users better focus on each one. Another notable advantage is seamlessly switching between Google apps like Gmail, Google Spaces, Google Chat, and Google Meet.

Beginning in April, this update will soon become the default interface for all users. However, they can always revert to the traditional Gmail experience by changing the settings if they dislike these changes. Do note that it is only possible to switch back until June 2022. After the second quarter and starting in July 2022, requests for changes to the previous interface will no longer be honoured.

This integration between Gmail, Google Spaces, Google Chat, and Google Meet ensures every Google messaging tool has a separate screen. Depending on user preferences and how they organise their platforms, this new update will either cause some confusion or make them more organised. Regardless, this interface will soon become the only option, so everyone must adapt quickly. 

Although this update rollout affects all Gmail accounts, business owners must understand its impact on their daily operations and employees down the line. Gmail already provides a slew of features that can help improve efficiency for businesses, and if you are not aware of these yet, read on below as we outline how they work and how to take advantage of them.


The New Changes and Features

As mentioned previously, Gmail’s new interface now provides each messaging tool with a separate screen, thus providing easier access to tools and a more isolated perspective for each. In addition, users will also receive alerts through notification bubbles whenever they get a new message from each tool.

Google also mentioned that this update would become available for many Google Workspace accounts, such as Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and other account types.

The new Gmail is designed for better organisation and enhanced user focus. Below are some of its best and most helpful features:


  • Navigation menu

The addition of a navigation menu now allows for easy switching between different screens and focuses on one messaging tool at a time.


  • lntegrated view

This feature lets users view their used Google messaging apps on individual screens, offering more straightforward access to various tools.


  • Notification bubbles

Gmail now sends notification bubbles whenever users get a message, so they can always be notified of every alert across their messaging apps.


How Will These New Changes Impact Workflow?

By being able to change between different screens, from one’s inbox to chat conversations and meetings, as well as having timely notification alerts, teams can now better stay on top of every important conversation or meeting. Moreover, the integrated view makes it simpler to have an organised workflow that lets users focus on one task at a time instead of flitting from one messaging app to another.

It is particularly helpful for business owners and professionals looking to improve productivity, cut down on “email slacking”, and be less distracted by a crowded interface.


Other Existing Features to Take Note Of

Besides what was mentioned above, Gmail has many other interactive business features that may help enhance your workday.


  • Nudging 

Nudging essentially resurfaces emails that are deemed time-sensitive. For example, if a work colleague asks a question regarding a project, their email will resurface before the deadline if it has not been replied to yet.


  • Taskbar

A collapsible bar on the right side of the screen lets users view their calendar, Keep notes, and any other tasks in Google’s task suite. With this taskbar, Gmail becomes an integrated tool that allows users do more all in one place. Add-ons can also be appended to the taskbar, such as Asana, Trello, and other apps, which can be included via the small plus sign under the Tasks icon.


  • Snoozing 

When users receive a time-sensitive message or something they want to check out later in the day, they can snooze them by clicking the clock icon on the right side. This helps prioritise the more essential emails while decluttering the inbox.


  • Confidential email support

Confidential emails can be set with an expiration date and even revoked after a certain time. For instance, if a user sends a message containing confidential info or an important document, it can be configured to be inaccessible by the recipient after a specific time or date. Other options include blocking forwarding, downloading, copying, or printing privileges. Lastly, two-factor authentication is also available, which will prompt recipients to verify their identity before opening a message.



Google continues to innovate and roll out new features that help average users and businesses alike do more using their productivity-focused services. With Gmail getting a new default interface once more in the coming months, it is recommended to get familiar with these recent changes and learn how to utilise them to your advantage.


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