Exploring Adobe Creative Cloud's Latest AI-Powered Features

Exploring Adobe Creative Cloud's Latest AI-Powered Features

In September 2023, Adobe unveiled a groundbreaking update to its Creative Cloud suite, integrating powerful AI capabilities throughout its flagship applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. This release marks a significant leap forward in empowering users to explore, ideate, and create in entirely new ways. With the introduction of Firefly-powered generative AI and the launch of Adobe Express Premium and Firefly standalone web application, Adobe is revolutionising the creative landscape. 

Since the beta launch of Generative Recolor in Illustrator and Text to Image and Text Effects in Adobe Express, over two billion Firefly-powered generations have been created, signalling a profound interest and adoption of AI-assisted creativity. All Creative Cloud users, whether they are subscribed or not, may now use these features, which offer a variety of tools to further their creative pursuits.

Included in this latest release are notable enhancements across various Adobe applications:


1. Photoshop and Illustrator AI Integration

The integration of Firefly-powered generative AI capabilities brings forth innovative features like Generative Fill, Generative Expand, and Generative Recolor in Photoshop and Illustrator. These features streamline tasks such as image recolouring and expanding, offering users unprecedented control and efficiency in their creative processes.


2. Premiere Pro Enhancements

Premiere Pro receives a significant boost with new AI-driven features, including automatic filler word detection in Text-Based Editing and the Enhance Speech feature for noise removal from voice recordings. Additionally, performance improvements make editing and trimming up to 5x faster, enhancing the overall editing experience for users.


3. After Effects Advancements

The After Effects beta app introduces a new 3D workspace, enabling users to import, texture, and render high-quality 3D models directly within the application. Furthermore, an AI-enhanced Roto Brush enhances the accuracy and speed of object extraction from footage, facilitating seamless VFX compositing and motion graphics creation.


4. Firefly Web Application

The introduction of the Firefly web application provides users with a playground for AI-assisted creative expression. With modules for generating images, applying styles to text, and recolouring artwork, Firefly empowers users to quickly generate ideas and content for various projects, ensuring commercial safety and global language support.



In the fast-paced world of digital creativity, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses and individuals alike. With Adobe Creative Cloud's latest AI-powered features, the boundaries of creativity are continually being pushed, offering unprecedented tools and capabilities to users worldwide. Whether it's streamlining photo editing in Photoshop, enhancing video production in Premiere Pro, or creating immersive visual effects in After Effects, Adobe's integration of AI empowers users to unleash their creative potential like never before. 

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