AI Chatbots: Key Insights And Trends To Know For 2022

AI Chatbots: Key Insights And Trends To Know For 2022

In previous years, consumers, governments, and businesses have all used and interacted with chatbots in some way or another, recognising them as an invaluable tool that can help solve their problems. This is only natural as chatbots are a technology designed to make people’s lives easier and save their valuable. Today, the conversation around chatbots has shifted from deliberating the use of chatbots to discussing how to make them even better.

Thus, it is no surprise that when scientists, brands, and developers came together at this year’s European Chatbot and Conversational AI Summit, improving chatbots was exactly what everyone focused on. Enhancing the user-friendliness of chatbots, understanding the role of data in virtual assistants, and making human-bot conversations more organic and natural were only a few of the many questions tackled in several panels. Read on as we go over the top key findings, insights, and trends for chatbots this 2022 and how they can help businesses improve their chatbot service.


1. Involve tech and creative teams to achieve greater user-friendliness

Many assume that only the tech team is responsible for creating a company’s chatbots. However, the reality is that designing a high-quality bot requires the involvement of multiple departments. For example, designers pitch in with their technical expertise, while sales and creative departments have crucial knowledge about the brand’s customers. By combining these various pieces of information, organisations can then arrive at a high-quality and user-friendly chatbot. Essentially, collaborative and interdisciplinary contributions from tech teams and creative conversation design teams are what make successful human-bot conversations.


2. Charismatic chatbots are more engaging

For a long time, organisations have stuck to deploying neutral chatbots and virtual assistants, resulting in many customers not caring much for them. Experts now agree that a charismatic chatbot with a positive personality is critical to achieving better human-bot interactions. Consumers associate being charismatic with being helpful, interested, and alert, creating a far more positive response towards chatbots. As such, focus on crafting a positive personality when designing your chatbot if you are keen on greatly improving your target audience’s experience.


3. Chatbots must talk with users, not to them 

One key trend for chatbots this year is that they must be more conversational and intuitive for customers and companies to get the most out of them. An excellent way to achieve this is by moving away from FAQ-styled conversations. Chatbots that approach customers from the start with questions and answers will come off as talking to a person, not with them. Businesses must understand this fine yet critical distinction in human-bot conversations since talking with real people implies eye-level conversations that are more pleasant for the customer and get them to trust the chatbot.


4. Get quality data instead of too much data

A common assumption about AI and machine learning technologies like chatbots is that the more data is fed to them, the better they become. But after years of trials and experience, many organisations and designers during the summit claimed this is not exactly true. Instead of blindly gathering and inputting information into the bot, which may overwhelm and slow it down, it is far better and more valuable to give it the right data. For example, if there are often interruptions in the flow of your human-bot conversations, it may be helpful to improve the quality of the data used instead of just adding more. By building on previously gathered experiences and adapting existing processes, companies can quickly enhance the quality of their chatbot conversations.



As more businesses and organisations continue to adopt chatbots to improve their customer experience, it is only logical to be on the lookout for ways to get the most potential out of the technology for their benefit and their customers.  

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