Adobe Express Enterprise: A Rundown Of The Latest Features

Adobe Express Enterprise: A Rundown Of The Latest Features

Adobe Express for Enterprise, Adobe’s newly announced version of their cloud-based design platform Adobe Express, was recently unveiled at the 2023 Adobe Summit conference. This version’s main selling point is that it enables content creation to become simpler and more accessible to those without a background in design. It is now available in the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise subscription and is designed to promote collaboration across organisations.

Moreover, Adobe is introducing “commercially safe” generative AI tools that will allow users to fashion word art and designs that can be used for commercial purposes with no issues. Having these tools in hand should help free up designers so they can prioritise more urgent tasks.

As a refresher, Adobe Express is a simple design platform available for mobile and web that allows for the quick creation of PDFs, videos, graphics, and more. Adobe Express’s standard version has a free 2GB of storage and a limited set of basic tools. Non-enterprise users can unlock everything the platform offers, including Adobe Stock images, Adobe Fonts, advanced editing and design creation tools, templates, premium assets, and so on, by getting an Adobe Express Premium subscription.

Unlike the other Adobe Express tiers mainly for individuals or single users, the Enterprise version is more catered towards large enterprises, as its name implies. Thus, it has native integration with Adobe’s digital asset and content management application called Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), which enables collaborative workflows for entire organisations.

This integration grants Enterprise users access to company assets, such as multimedia from Adobe’s Creative Cloud Libraries, brand logos, and much more, without having to manually upload them to Adobe Express. As such, employees in the organisation can freely access what they need in a more centralised creative hub. Designers can create custom templates using certain corporate assets—like email or social media templates with the same brand colours, fonts, and logos—that non-creatives can quickly adjust and deliver as content without flitting between team members or multiple applications. 

The Adobe Express for Enterprise version includes 100GB for individuals and 1TB of team storage for businesses, along with Photoshop Express. It is also confirmed that further integrations for Creative Cloud Applications like Illustrator and Photoshop will be available for Express and accessible to Enterprise users down the line.

Last but not least, Adobe is adding its new family of generative AI tools called Adobe Firefly to Adobe Express for Enterprise. Adobe Firefly is in public beta right now with two tools available: a text generator for creating word art effects and a text-to-image generator similar to DALL-E. Adobe claims these tools will not pose any issues like plagiarism, so their results can be safely used commercially. They achieved this by training the AI model solely on open license content and their own Adobe stock images. There are no details as to when Adobe Firefly will come to Adobe Express, but it is confirmed that Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express will be the first to receive the feature.



Adobe continues to offer excellent features and products that help individuals and organisations improve their capabilities and workflows. By introducing Adobe Express for Enterprise, businesses can better support their employees in making their ideas a reality and fostering collaboration across the organisation. Besides this new Enterprise version, the company’s latest innovations include several new features for Adobe Photoshop 2023

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