A Guide To Photoshop's New Share for Review Feature

A Guide To Photoshop's New Share for Review Feature

In this day and age, collaboration has become a vital aspect of business that enhances how teams work together and solve problems. Technological giants like Adobe and Google recognise the need for more collaborative tools in their apps and software with the increasing importance of collaboration in business and in many other sectors. Adobe Photoshop is among the newest software to heed the call for increased collaboration.

During the recently held 2022 Adobe MAX conference, Adobe announced that its top-rated Photoshop software is getting some incredible new features, including sharing your files for review and collaboration. This new addition is called the “Share for Review” feature. Read on to learn more about how this fantastic new Photoshop feature works.


What the Share For Review Feature Does

The Share for Review feature in beta (or public testing) enables users to work on their local and cloud documents and create a shareable review link of the document’s web version. It shares your work as a snapshot and allows the reviewer to comment. As such, it will be easier for you to share your work with your teammates or stakeholders to collect feedback. 

The comments on your shared document will show up in real-time in a panel on the Photoshop application. As a creator, you can keep on updating the PSD file in accordance with the comments. Reviewers will then see your updates when they refresh or reopen the file. The link to your work can be shared in any app. When the reviewers click on your shared link, they will see your work in a browser-based interface.


How to Create a Link to Share Your Document

To create a review link to your document, you need to open a document in Photoshop and select either the Share button and then Share for Review (beta button), File option and then Share for Review (Beta) option, or the Window button and then go to Comments. If your document is not in a native format for Photoshop files, you will see a “Wait! Save before sharing” dialogue open.

In such a case, you can choose "Continue" if you wish to save your document in a native format and proceed further, or you can choose "Cancel" if you want to go back to the app workspace. In the Share for Review (Beta) panel that pops up, you may type an appropriate name for your document link and control access to it with the following options: 

  • Only invited people can comment: The link cannot be accessed until the user is invited by email.
  • Everyone at “your organisation” can comment: Anyone with your organisation’s domain in their emails can comment on your shared document. 
  • Anyone with the link can comment: The generated link is a public link that everyone can access anytime. Invitation by email is also an option.

Once you decide who can access your shared document, you should press the “Create link” button at the bottom to generate the link. After that, choose the link icon at the lower-right corner of your screen to copy the link you created to the clipboard. Once done, the review link to the web version of your document will then be ready for sharing with your stakeholders.


Other Actions You Can Perform

If you are done sharing the generated link to your Photoshop document but still want to do something else, you can click the three-dots icon to view “More options” and perform the desired action. Here are some of the things you can do further: 

  • Generate a new review link: This option can show or hide comments from anyone with the link. You can also enable the toggle button if you wish to allow commenting for public users.
  • Link settings: You can use this option to show or hide comments from anyone who has the link. If you wish to allow public commenting, enable the toggle button.
  • Manage review links: This option can be used to go to the Creative Cloud website and search for all of your review document links under “Files”, and then “Your files”, and then “Published.”
  • Delete review link: This option opens a “Delete review” dialogue, allowing you to delete your review document link. However, keep in mind that once you have deleted your link, you cannot anymore restore all of its comments. You can, however, cancel and go back to the Share for Review panel.

You will also see an "Update content" option that allows you to sync your document edits and prepare them for sharing again. Furthermore, you can use the "Invite people" option to add your collaborators' email addresses or names for reviewing and commenting on your documents.



The new Share for Review feature is an amazing addition that optimises asynchronous collaboration in Adobe Photoshop and allows creative teams to complete work more quickly and with greater creative control. Ultimately, with the increasing need for effective collaboration in business and everywhere else, collaborative tools like Photoshop’s Share for Review feature are the game-changer that software developers and IT giants must concentrate on.

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