A Brief Guide To The Latest Updates And Features Of SketchUp

A Brief Guide To The Latest Updates And Features Of SketchUp

SketchUp is one of the most invaluable tools used by various professionals, spanning architects, designers, and engineers. It is an easy-to-use program that allows users to create 2D and 3D models for use in various fields, ranging from architecture and engineering to gaming. The popularity of this application is mainly due to its numerous capabilities and constantly improving features.

SketchUp has become the go-to software for 3D visualisation, modelling, and design with its flexible workflow, intuitive interface, and powerful tools. To further increase its functionality and marketability, the most recent version of SketchUp – SketchUp 2023 – was introduced in February with many exciting new features and enhancements.

Read on as we explore the latest capabilities and updates of SketchUp 2023.


Significant improvements

The best thing about SketchUp 2023 is that it includes a variety of enhancements that can streamline users' workflows and boost their modelling experience.

Here are some of the most significant improvements brought by SketchUp 2023:


  • Performance

One of the most important updates in SketchUp 2023 is its upgraded performance. The programme now makes use of the latest software and hardware technologies to deliver smoother navigation, quicker rendering, and more organised workflows. Additionally, SketchUp 2023 already supports multi-threading, which enables it to use several CPU cores for faster processing and rendering.


  • Software Integration

SketchUp 2023 comes with improved integration with other software like Rhino and AutoCAD. Its users are now able to export and import files with greater precision and fidelity, which helps to save time and effort in transmitting data between various software platforms.


  • Tag management

Another excellent update in SketchUp 2023 is its new tag management system that enables users to control and organise the visibility of their model elements. They can now make and edit tags, designate them to model elements, and manage their appearance and visibility more efficiently and intuitively.


  • Collaboration

Collaboration is a crucial component of design-making. Fortunately, SketchUp 2023 now comes with more tools for collaborative workflows. These tools allow users to share their models on the internet, invite other users to view and edit their models and control their collaboration settings with relative ease. Moreover, SketchUp 2023 has an improved version control that enables users to track changes and revert to past versions if necessary.


  • User Interface

SketchUp 2023 also has a more user-friendly and streamlined interface. Its users can now customise their workspace, access often-used tools more easily, and adjust their toolbars. In addition, SketchUp 2023 also includes more hints and tooltips that can assist users in navigating and using the program more efficiently.


New capabilities and tools

Aside from incredible enhancements, SketchUp 2023 also introduces new capabilities and tools that can improve its users' modelling and design workflows.

Here are the most notable additions found in SketchUp 2023:


  • Section Planes

Section planes enable users to make cutaway views of their models, which may be useful for visualising construction details, interior spaces, or complicated geometries. With the coming SketchUp 2023, users can make numerous section places, animate them for various presentations, and adjust their properties.


  • Live Components

Live components are a new kind of potent component that allows users to make models with real-time behaviour and interaction. These users can establish rules, constraints, and parameters to direct the behaviour of a live component, which may then be updated in real-time as alterations to the model are being made. This capability can be specifically beneficial for interactive presentations and simulations.


  • Style Builder

Style builder is a tool that lets users create distinct visual styles for their models. SketchUp 2023 now allows custom styles to be applied by users to individual components or groups, which can lead to more visually appealing and detailed models.


  • Point Clouds

Point clouds are a new form of data that users can import into SketchUp to develop accurate and thorough models of real-life environments. Usually, point clouds are produced by 3D scanning technologies and can be utilised for surveying, architectural, and engineering applications. With SketchUp 2023, users are now allowed to import, visualise, and model point clouds, which can help to save time and effort in making precise models.


  • AR/VR Support

Another brilliant thing about SketchUp 2023 is that it allows users to survey their models in immersive environments by supporting Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The SketchUp models of these users can be exported to AR/VR channels, such as HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, and Oculus, for interactive presentations, design simulations, and client feedback.



There are many exciting features and enhancements that come with the release of SketchUp 2023. From improved performance to new capabilities and tools, SketchUp 2023 can surely aid its users in streamlining their workflows, boosting their creativity, and achieving more accurate and extensive designs. With these remarkable upgrades at hand, one can expect SketchUp 2023 to become an even more powerful and popular program that dominates the creative industry.

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