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12th June 2020
Apple iOS 13.5.1 — Fighting COVID-19

Apple released the iOS 13.5.1 of 1st June aimed to provide important security updates. This came as a surprise as they had released the iOS 13.5 update on 20th May just 2 weeks before, which comes with its COVID-19 specific upgrades. These include solving the Face ID issues when wearing a face mask, and the Exposure Notification API which is aimed to assist public health authorities to create COVID-19 contact tracing apps. In addition, the update also includes several new features, patches, and fixes.

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29th May 2020
Bringing Your Office Home

WFH has its advantages — it allows the company to lower their operating costs and increase convenience for their employees. Such conveniences include time savings in terms of commuting. However, most households are not well-equipped as an office. This poses as a challenge to productivity to WFH. Therefore, one should consider what they will require to set up their own home office.

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